Separating from Service [Book Review]

I should begin by noting that the author is a friend I know in the community. Also, while I have known many service members, I am not one nor one formerly.

This is actually why I appreciated having the opportunity to read Eric’s book and learn more about the challenges of returning to civilian life after terminating service with the military. He brings together an understanding of sociological truths about group dynamics with the insider experience of having “been there”, and explains in simple terms the benefit for exiting service members to see civilians as more than just outsiders who won’t be able to understand.

The book also frames part of the returning service member’s journey through an understanding of human neurology, and guides readers toward interacting in more helpful and balanced ways with society by explaining the biochemistry of what is occurring when we leave one kind of world and enter another.

By sharing both lived experiences of service life and his own transition, and bringing in up to date psychological and sociological perspectives, Burleson offers a hopeful and constructive outlook for those who have served their country and now struggling to create a new understanding of “home”.

Helpfully, the text is written to also function as a complimentary guide for transition groups for service members, which makes it an excellent resource for not only former military members, but also clinicians who serve that population.

If you are in the service and transitioning to civilian life, know someone who is, or are a clinician seeking new perspectives on those experiences, I recommend checking this book out.

You can buy it in paperback or kindle on Amazon, and you can connect with Eric Burleson’s support page on Facebook.

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