Study Aims for Sweet Spot of Teens’ Screen Time — via Psych Central News —

Fair is fair, teen fam. Looking at screens for moderate amounts of time does not seem to strongly impact wellness.

You can still totally mess up your head using apps on phones to communicate with friends, though. If you notice that you seem to struggle a lot with “toxic” relationships, or maybe have codependent tendencies, then you being on your phone means you’ll do that a lot more. And faster.

So now you are potentially having many conflicts with people, which you leave feeling misunderstood, but also afraid of being alone. You start to feel really bad about yourself, because all of these bad relationships mean you’re obviously not deserving of love.

And that sucks, pretty hard.

So teen peeps… if you get the sense that social media apps bring lots of distress and conflict into your life, don’t keep doing that anyway using this as a support for your reasoning. This study doesn’t factor for any relevant psychosocial variables.

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